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Clipper Metal 'Blue Gradient' Design Gift Set


In 1972 Clipper became the first refillable lighter to be launched in the UK in the semi disposable category. Since its inception Clipper has become the world leader and consumer favorite in refillable lighters. This is due primarily to its instantly recognizable, iconic design and high quality specification. Since all Clipper lighters are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials, they have become one of the most prominent brands in the world lighter market. Clipper lighters include safety features such as a fixed flame, nylon body and a child resistant mechanism. Many people prefer Clipper over other lighters because they are refillable and work very well with pipes. 


Each unit comes with its own Clipper Branded Embossed Metal Presentation Case.


Display of 12 Lighters

Clipper Metal 'Blue Gradient' Gift Set

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