Greengo King Size Regular Festival Pack

Greengo King Size Regular Festival Pack


Greengo King Size Regular rolling papers, 32 'Fly' Filter Tips and a Rolling Tray all-in-one.


Seals with a magnet for maximum protection.


Perfect for on the way, on vacation or a festival.


(Box of 22 Festival Packs)


FSC certified
Greengo paper is made from FSC certified wood pulp. Greengo rolling papers have an ideal thickness of 14 g/m2. Even the package of Greengo rolling papers consists entirely of 200 g/m2 recycled paper.

Greengo products are ecological, environmentally friendly products. Greengo paper consists of 100% TCF (Totally Chlorine Free), real unbleached paper. Many other brands claim to use this, but Greengo sincerely does

Pure natural papers for a pure natural smoke!