Herbalaire Vaporiser

Herbalaire Vaporiser


The Herbalaire offers the choice between direct inhalation of vapor and bag fill. The Herbalaire is an unbelievably efficient unit and provides an extreme flavour and aroma experience. All materials used in its construction are made from FDA-approved food grade materials. 


The super effecient extraction process will take all active ingredients out of herbs. The 'Hammer action' pump drives heated air through the herbs so effectively that it will strip all active ingredients without the need to grind them first!


This is the only vaporiser currently on that market, as far as we are aware, that has been thoughroughly drop tested - from six foot - and proved to be very hardy.


The interchangeable bowls allow you to line up ready-filled bowls in advance. The Multi-bag fill system make the Herbalaire the only vaporiser which can fill more than one bag at the same time (when used with the 3 or 5 bag system, and high power bag system - all of which are available to purchase seperately).


Spares & Accessories for the Herbalaire can be found HERE.


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