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Juicy Jay's Flavoured Papers are incredibly popular and are available in 16 juicy flavours. Remember only Juicy Jay's Flavoured Papers are produced with the proprietary "Triple-dipped" flavouring system.


(Box of 24 Packs)

Juicy Jay Flavoured Kingsize Slim

  • JJKS02 - Blackberry Brandy

    JJKS03 - Blueberry

    JJKS05 - Coconut

    JJKS06 - Grape

    JJKS07 - Green Apple

    JJKS09 - Jamaican Rum

    JJKS11 - Mello Mango

    JJKS14 - Pineapple

    JJKS15 - Raspberry

    JJKS16 - Strawberry

    JJKS17 - Strawberry & Kiwi

    JJKS18 - Very Cherry

    JJKS19 - Watermelon

    JJKS21 - Cotton Candy

    JJKS21 - Cotton Candy

    JJKS22 - Double Dutch Chocolate

    JJKS32 - Bubblegum

    JJKS20 - Pick'n'Mix

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