Justin Hale Embossed Logo Grinders

Justin Hale Embossed Logo Grinders


These high quality grinders stand out from the crowd as they have the Justin Hale Logo embossed in 3D on the lid. Each grinder is made from polished aluminium and contains diamond-shaped grinding teeth.


The lid is held on magnetically and the 4-part grinder have a mesh and storage compartment and include a plastic cleaning tool.


Available in both 2-part and 4-part versions in both 40mm and 50mm diameter sizes. These are a high quality addition to the Justin Hale Smokeware range.

  • Codes

    GRIJH1 - 40mm 2-Part 3D Logo Grinder

    GRIJH2 - 50mm 2-Part 3D Logo Grinder

    GRIJH3 - 40mm 4-Part 3D Logo Grinder

    GRIJH4 - 50mm 4-Part 3D Logo Grinder

Size & Parts


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