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Brush? You dont need. LimPuro clean´s the B for you.


  • Especially economical
  • Especially easy
  • Without brush a brilliant result
  • Material-friendly
  • No re-adhesion of the dirt after cooling the cleaning solution. The dirt is bound in this.
  • No long rinsing necessary
  • No clean-up taste at the first puff after cleaning.
  • Bright and brilliant after cleaning
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Nofragrances and their allergens
  • For all materials
  • Made in Germany


Fill the waterpipe with hot water. Depending on the strength of the dirt add 5-10ml LimPuro® bio cleaner to 100ml water. After 5-10 minutes pour out and rinse several times.

LimPuro Chalice Cleaner (100ml/250ml)

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