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The Oui’d Masq is a portable diffuser which neutralises the air around you instantly. Perfect for the car and other small areas. Just pop it in your pocket and pull it out whenever there’s a strong pong—press the button and the odour will be eliminated instantly!


Supplied with micro USB cable.


PLEASE NOTE: The OUI’D MASQ liquid is not included with the diffuser.

Click here to view 'Oui'd Masq Spray Liquid (250ml)'


Do not spray in or near the face or on the skin. Do not spray in the direction of nearby animals. Do not inhale directly, drink or use oraly. Do not spray in the direction of nearby electrical appliances, plugs or outlets. Never use Oui’d Masq Fluid in any electrical device or heat source.

Oui'd Masq Spray Diffuser (Small)

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