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The PLENTY Vaporiser is an economically priced, powerful and robust hand-held device.


The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating & high-yield vaporisation. The highly efficient stainless steel cooling coil ensures a pleasant aromatic experience.


Vaporisation temperatures may be selected from approximatly 130°C to 202°C. The temperature in the filling chamber is shown by an analogue thermometer. The bi-metallic regulator ensures safe operation, with independant temperature control & Automatic switch-off.


Spares & Accessories for the PLENTY can be found HERE.

Plenty Vaporiser

  • Product-characteristics are guaranteed by Storz & Bikel for 3 years. 
    Only food-safe & Aroma free materials are used in the making of these fine vaporisers.


    The new PLENTY vaporiser offers all the virtues that are familiar of the VOLCANO vaporiser:


    • Effect
    • Purity
    • Flavour


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