Pulsar Flow Vaporiser

Pulsar Flow Vaporiser


The Pulsar Flow Dry Herb Vaporizer offers a high-end dry herb vape in multiple color options. The Flow features a 1600mAh battery, a fast 40-second heat time, true convection heat, a quartz-lined chamber, a handy magnetic lid, an embossed vapor-cooling internal airflow pattern, haptic feedback, ergonomic mouthpiece, finely tuned heat settings, and more!


Colours include Black-on-Black, Black on Silver, textured Carbon Fiber, and Wood Grain on Silver.


  • 5” dry herb vapourizer
  • Quartz lined chamber
  • 40 second heat time
  • Embossed vapour-cooling airflow pattern
  • 90 minute charge time
  • Silicone lined, cooling mouthpiece


Other features include a simple 5-click power function and a 4-minute auto turnoff time.


Kit includes: Dry Herb Vaporizer, extra silicone mouthpiece insert, micro USB cable, cleaning brush, stir tool and cleaning pad



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