Spirit by STORM Vaporiser

Spirit by STORM Vaporiser


The new Spirit by STORM is suitable for use with herbs, concentrates and resins (resin capsule available separately), Spirit features a magnetic cap with ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and filter, so your hits are now smoother and fresher than ever before.


Spirit brings a new level of quality to the entry-level vaporiser. Its has a clever ceramic zirconia filter and mouthpiece, which soaks up most of the heat from the vapour as it travels, making it cooler and fresher.


Spirit's high-quality swappable Samsung 18650 battery delivers up to an hour and a half of vaping time. All of this packed into a small and discreet unit (11cm tall x 3.5cm wide x 2.2cm deep) making Spirit a real hidden gem.


With the included concentrate pads for essential oils and waxes, and the optional resin capsule for pressed resins, Spirit is an excellent all-round device that the user can carry anywhere without compromising on quality.


Spares & Accessories for the Spirit can be found HERE.


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