STORM Vaporiser Pen

STORM Vaporiser Pen


STORM Vaporiser Pen is a high-quality, simple to use and well-built portable vaporiser that can take a variety of inputs. We sell the latest version, with improved airflow.


Small yet powerful, Storm's stainless steel body is strong, sleek and stealthy. Simple one-button operation allows you to choose from 5 temperature settings ranging from 180 to 220°C. Storm features a removable and replaceable battery, which give up to an hour of vaping, depending on the heat setting used. Storm heats up in around 1 minute, and has a 5-minute auto-shutoff feature to preserve the battery.


Unlike most portable vaporisers, Storm's air path is isolated from its electronics, which means pure, incredibly tasty vapour. Storm has a ceramic heating chamber and a food-grade rubber mouthpiece, with stainless steel screens. The kit is supplied with a stainless steel capsule, cleaning brush, packing tool, tweezers, USB charging cable and a mains adapter.


The Storm is supplied with either a UK or an EU mains adaptor plug - Please specify with you require when placing your order.


Spares & Accessories for the STORM can be found HERE.


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